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UniCo - 2010-2016

The Children's University, a premiere in Romania, ensures the interaction between the small students and the professors from the universities, through a process that contains attractive and unique formulas.

The "University of Children" facilitates the discovery of the science fields, the approach to the passionate researcher, gives answers to questions about the surrounding world through practical and interactive activities held in the laboratory or in the clear space, through visits at the museum, exploration trips. All these happen under the guidance of dedicated specialists.

The target group of UniCo is represented by children aged 7 to 14, irrespective of the social background they belong to. A first step in the strategy of UniCo consistsof extending and consolidating the course that started in June 2010 with the help of the University of Bucharest and the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine.

The Children's University Network is notorious in Europe and in other countries in the world and it raised awareness among children and families.

The teachers who were called to get involved into the project answered with enthusiasm and creativity.

The course has two parts:

1. Applied Research (1st october - 31st may)

2. UniCo intensive (last week of june - first week of july)

Our goals:

Contributing in an active way to the construction of a generation of children that have equal chances, are conscious of their abilities, extroverted, responsible and communicative;

Approaching the children to all the scientific domains and sustaining them constantly in discovering the passion for exploration;

Forming a real team of future researchers that we can promote in the EUCUNet network.

The activities of the UniCo team are present in the media and in the public space, among academic and familial contexts through the events organized.

Last year, the Children's University in Romania (UniCo) had the honor of hosting the event "We Are The Future", as part of the SiS Catalyst project, having delegates throughout Europe and from all across the world participating in the Ministerial Conference for the young students held in April at the Parliament Palace. Between the 23rd and 27th that month, european education ministers came to Bucharest  to discuss the future of the superior european education and further promoting a process that started under the name of Bologna Process. The Workshop was an excellent opportunity for the young participants to meet some of their fellow colleagues coming from different countries with different mentalities, exchange ideas and experiment ways for them to influence the future of higher education. The attendance to this conference was possible thanks to our closest friends from ROMVAC and PROESTETICA MEDICAL.


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